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Saturday, July 19, 2008

6-Sara W

hey this is a really cool link check it out and watch the video:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

4-Sara W

i found this really cool thing on and i am not sure if i am attaching the link the right way but you should try and look at it :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

ummm i don't know how im supposed to post my tshirt design to the blog when i dont have it saved to my computer.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Split Decision


P.S. I forgot to post a good and bad design blog the other day. Sorry for being behind but I think the new Heinz bottles are a good design because they store upright allowing the ketchup to stay at the bottom and be there when you need it. It also avoids uses an anti-spill nozzle to avoid messes. I think most "tote" umbrellas are poorly designed because they don't open easily (or at all, actually) when they are supposed to which means that they are useless and don't work. I think things that don't work are poorly designed.

It's Human Nature


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I think Kimora Lee Simmons perfume bottle for her new fragrance "Fabulosity" is a good design because it fits like a loose diamond in your hand and takes the form of the hand. It's sleek design makes it easier to hold on to while most perfume bottles are fairly difficult to control.

The sidekick is designed badly to me because it's too large to fit in your pocket correctly unless you have really deep pockets. It's heavier than virtually most cell phones and even though it has more functions and capabilities than other phones it's almost not worth having. 

Good/Bad Designs

The hybrid car is a brilliant design because it combines a conventional engine with an electric motor used for local/non-highway driving to achieve better fuel economy. On the other hand, the upright toothpaste bottle is a faulty design. Although it allows for the toothpaste bottle to stand upright, it is difficult to squeeze out the toothpaste and when there is just a little bit left, it is almost impossible to get it out. In this way, the form of the toothpaste bottle does not help its function.

- Angie

I think the ballpoint pen is a good design because it is very reliable and useful . It also has a fairly simple design so that it can be inexpensive. The way it's put together and the materials used are important because the quick-drying ink makes the pen ideal for everyday use. It is small and light enough to carry around to use for any specific need. I think glass ketchup bottles are a poor design. They are shaped fine to hold the contents but the smaller neck of the bottle restricts and blocks the ketchup. Also, the designer did not pay enough attention to the properties of the contents and the needs of the user. There is no easy way to remove the ketchup from the bottle, which is the entire purpose.

- katie

i think a good design is the vera bradley purse because they are cute and affordable but also they can surprisingly hold a lot of stuff. They are deceptive that way but I am always very surprised at how much they can really hold. 
i think a bad design are the hummers that get really bad gas mileage. with gas prices being as bad as they are it is just a waste to design a car that does not get good gas mileage. my friend has one and he said they get like 15 mpg, which is totally ridiculous.

I think the Swiss Army knives are well designed objects. They're convenient because they have many accommodations ranging from uncorking a romantic bottle of wine to fixing things with a screwdriver. It is also portable and the tools fold back into their slots so objects like the knife can be kept safe. The Forward-Backward Glasses (see right), however, I think are not well designed. Although the idea of having eyes in the back of your head is intriguing, the invention might be more confusing than helpful. The wearers of these glasses will see forward and backwards simultaneously, making it difficult to concentrate on one image.


3-Sara W

The Rabbit

this is a wine bottle opener i have at home and i always thought it had a really cool design. you have to look carefully but its in the shape of a rabbit. its actually really fun to use and pretty easy also. 

This telephone is poorly designed because it requires a lot more time and effort just to make a simple call

The LCW chair by Charles and Ray Eames designed their chair to cradle the human body unlike a wooden chair. The chair was designed using technology for molding plywood that Eames developed prior to, and during, The Second World War. The molded plywood legs provide superior strength and rubber shock mounts buffer against jarring movement.