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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I think Kimora Lee Simmons perfume bottle for her new fragrance "Fabulosity" is a good design because it fits like a loose diamond in your hand and takes the form of the hand. It's sleek design makes it easier to hold on to while most perfume bottles are fairly difficult to control.

The sidekick is designed badly to me because it's too large to fit in your pocket correctly unless you have really deep pockets. It's heavier than virtually most cell phones and even though it has more functions and capabilities than other phones it's almost not worth having. 

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Anonymous said...

What about recycling Kemora Lees diamond shaped bottle? I think a crucial component of a good design is for a consumer to be able to recycle it. In my opinion Kemora Lees products 'stand out' in terms of a very poor design.