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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Easy Edges Wiggle Side Chair by Canadian born Frank Gehry. "After discovering that single sheets of cardboard gained exponential strength when layered, he began to manipulate the simple material into graceful, curvilinear chairs and tables..." "

i find this chair very attractive and eye-catching. when i first looked at it, i didnt actually see it as a chair, i thought it was like some kind of decoration, because if you try to make it stand on the other side (it's base), it would look really unique and i wouldve thought of it as a carpet being pushed and sort of piled up in some way.
i wouldnt find it comforting, where the base is really dense and the back side isn't. the surface of it is perfect for a chair though. (only the upper part were we actually sit) the wood is going in curves and bending which is just right for the body position were usually in while we sit.

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