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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


hey i had Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. He was regarded as one of the pioneering masters of modern architecture. He created an influential 20th century architectural style, stated with extreme clarity and simplicity. His mature buildings made use of modern materials such as industrial steel and plate glass to define interior spaces. After World War I, he began studying the skyscraper and designed two innovative steel-framed towers encased in glass. The significant buildings he designed include Barcelona Pavilion, Tugendhat House, Crown Hall , The Farnsworth House, Chircago Federal Center, Toronto-Dominion Centre and The Illinois Institute of Technology. One of the best known is the Barcelona Pavilion, in which it had a flat roof supported by columns. The pavilion’s internal walls, made of glass and marble, could be moved around as they did not support the structure. It has been widely studied and is a major source of inspiration from architects around the world. He also designed the Barcelona Chair, which was created out of chrome and leather.

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